What is financial wellness?

Financial wellness can refer to your overall financial health, but it’s about more than the size of your bank account. It’s feeling good about your financial situation and knowing what to do next with your money. It also applies to your ability to withstand an unexpected money crisis — caused by a bad economy or disability — from the size of your emergency fund and the amount of debt you carry, to partial income protection via disability insurance.

Your oral health: a window into your overall health

Oral health touches every aspect of our lives, from the smile we show the world to helping us eat. And dental health isn’t just about your teeth—it’s also the key to a healthy life overall. 

How we care for our teeth and gums can impact us in so many ways. With good oral care, people are less likely to have heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.4  Dental health issues are the most common—and preventable—health concerns affecting the American public. 

This section will provide insights and tips for improving the oral health of you, your family, and even your employees.

Recover from illness or injury

Get back on your feet sooner

When you’re coping with an illness or injury, you want to recover and get back to normal as soon as possible. A solid backup plan to help protect your income is essential to help cover your expenses while you rehabilitate. Here’s how to create that plan so you can recover more quickly in the event of a health event or accident so you can return to healthy living.